Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My sister sent me this link to a really cool product for those of you who are wondering if they should go with cloth or disposable diapers:

The diaper consists of a reusable outer pant, and an internal flushable liner. Pretty cool!

Here in Toronto we are fortunate to have the green bin recycling program, which allows us to "recycle" our disposable diapers. The program turns organic materials (including diapers and kitty litter!) into high-quality commercial grade compost that can be sold to farmlands. It's pretty amazing. I'm not sure why ALL cities haven't jumped on board this program, but really it's something to have your city look into.

I found this article that provides some good links about the cloth vs. disposable debate. Really, why aren't the diaper companies more accountable? In our world where going green is getting super trendy, they really need to get with the program. Five-hundred years to biodegrade a diaper is not just unacceptable - it's irresponsible.

Follow the links in that article and contact Pampers and Huggies if you want to let them know how you think. Better yet, just click on these links, below:



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queries said...

gDiapers leak, especially #2! We really tried hard to use them for about two weeks. Had to wash the diapers daily.